About us....

      It was on our return from a long, bank holiday weekend in beautiful Cornwall, that the decision to become VW Campervan owners was made. The excitement of adventure, fun and freedom lay ahead, we would be able to go anywhere at any time  - do it our way!

     We saw many and varied VW Campers on our journey home and marvelled how they were bespoke, beautiful some mightily chunky. The decision cemented as we passed a particularly beautiful Camper, loaded with parents, children, family dog and all their holiday gear, on their return from a busy sunny summer holiday.  

     Serendipity is a word I love, I think it must have been at play! because within the week and I really mean, within the week we had found our VW Camper. We decided to call him Boycie, as a tribute to our parents who all loved the 70's comedy show Only Fools and Horses - laughing is fundamental to life.... isn't it! 

     Boycie has brought us so much joy, taken us to beautiful beaches to paddleboard, kayak, cycle, swim and build sand castles - for the day, or longer holidays along the south coast. We prefer and feel Boycie is best coupled with a campsite with all the facilities offered. However, he can wild camp using his leisure battery, gas and water supply.  

     At West Wittering, where we love to cycle, you can see us in the photos on our bikes and these photos were taken at the same place less than an hour or so apart – the great outdoors is truly amazing and a fabulously healthy way to spend your time and holidays with your families.

     We are very excited to be sharing our passion of camping, the great outdoors and a sense of freedom with you, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, we are happy to help                                                                                                                             

    Dan & Kim                                   


Three trees
The ground under the three trees
                                                             Doing it your way.....

Let the adventure begin...

Our beautiful T5.1 VW Campervans are fully fitted for your comfort & enjoyment.

Best described as a mobile hotel room, with ever changing fabulous views.


We are passionate about Campervanning and very excited to offer an opportunity of freedom and

adventure, your way!

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Top quality.

Camper is looked after.

Good price. 


Kim and Dan are the nicest people

Kim and Dan are the nicest people, very helpful guiding us through the booking process to cater for our needs and providing accessories to Boycie that we wanted, and even help with good areas to go to, ride bikes, paddle boarding, places to eat etc with their knowledge. Boycie is super clean and equipped and is a top end vw camper and certainly get a lot of attention 

The website is easy to use and has great info

I highly recommend and will be booking again

Many thanks P& S


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